Who is Spatial Active?

Jen Stein is the co-founder and creative director of Spatial Active.  Her background is in design research and experience design, examining the implications of ubiquitous technologies on the built environment.  Jen completed her PhD in Media Arts and Practice at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, where she combined theory and practice to speculate about near future scenarios for Interactive Architecture. Her current research explores how the technologies now commonly embedded within architectural spaces could be used to create more personalized and enchanted experiences for inhabitants.  She has worked on interactive design projects for BMW, Intel, and the 2011 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Architectural and Urban Design Biennale.


Kevin Tanaka is a consummate technologist, blending creativity with years of experience in a variety of software and hardware pursuits. He has served, partnered, and led in pursuits from major consulting firms to burgeoning public artists. As the co-founder of Spatial Active, Kevin brings this wealth of knowledge to bear in the design and implementation of the underlying systems that drive this new paradigm of spatial experience.